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Thanks for checking out my blog site Eearningtips.com! If you’re looking at this page, then you’re probably wondering a little more about me. Coincidentally, that’s why I added this page. So here goes…

I’ve been learning how to build websites, but it hasn’t been my main focus. The reason I’m trying to learn this stuff is to see if I can make some extra money on the side by building affiliate blog sites.

Can I earn money by blogging? You’d think this would be an easy Yes/No answer, but it really depends on the person themselves. The short answer is YES! The long answer is YES, BUT you have to be determined, willing to learn how, go through a lot of trial and error, and apply your lessons learned. So if you’re looking to “get rich quick”, then no, it’s not really going to happen that fast, unless you already have some experience with marketing, already have a website that has lots of visitors, or you just get lucky, etc…

I’ve done my fair share of buying programs thinking ‘This is the ONE’, and dishing out plenty of money in the process, only to find myself struggling and disappointed. Some were great, and others were just a waste of time and money. It’s not as simple as everyone would lead you to believe, but it can be done.

So I’ve been through it, and I’m still going through it. I’ve been making a little bit of money now by blogging, and I thought I would share some of my experiences with you and some of the programs, tips and tricks that worked for me. No, I’m not a multi-million dollar blogger. I’m not even a million dollar blogger. In fact, I’ve only been blogging for money for several months now, and although I’m still not ready to leave my full-time job, I’m just starting to make out pretty well with my blogs.

So I’m ready to take this journey into the blogging for cash world, and so far I would say I’m off to a decent start. I’d like to share my experiences with anyone else whose interested in doing this and hopefully learn with others along the way.

As I said, I’m not a truly experienced blogger yet, so even this site is a stepping stone to help me on my journey, and I have no idea how this site will turn out in the long run .If you happen to stop by and would like to share your thoughts, then please do so. I hope you enjoy this blog site, and I’ll be “blogging” again soon!



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